Patrick Curry’s 52 Game Ideas

As I surfed through the web I tossed at this: Patrick Curry’s 52 Game Ideas. In a challenge he issued himself, Patrick Curry, lead designer of Stubbs the Zombie *, published a new game idea every week during the year 2006 . And he kept his promise: At the end of the year, no less than 52 game ideas were posted. But as you will see, Curry did not only match the expectations in terms of quantity, but also in quality. Lots of creative and fun stuff up there.

I admire Curry’s discipline and the enthusiasm he had for his own idea. I could not help myself saying “me too!” and I want to do something similar for the coming year. After all there is a great example to follow. But to be honest, I’ll be happy enough if I can meet the expected quantity, because on the imaginative side it will be impossible to match Curry’s creativity.

*Watch Stubbs on Youtube


One Response

  1. I have less than a month left with my own 52 game ideas project, but I got stuck at #39 :( I will not be able to make it 52 until the end of the month I guess. Maybe it is the time that I change the rules and re-name the project as my Game Ideas Pool or something…

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