Game Idea #1

As you might remember, in one of my first posts on this blog I wrote about Patrick Curry’s project 52 Game Ideas.  After some consideration I decided to start with my own series. I’m not sure if I can make it as far as Patrick Curry, but I’ll do my best to have posted 52 ideas within a year.

Enough said! Here is Game Idea #1.


Game Idea #1

Theme Bar: Indie Scene

Theme Bar: Indie Scene is an entertaining theme bar design and construction game. You play as the owner of a brand new theme bar and do your best to keep your customers happy and entertained.

The game camera provides an isometric view of the game bar interior. The interface provides a construction and design tool kit that allows for modification of the spatial layout and the placement of various interior design elements such as wallpapers, chairs, plants etc. Depending on the income and the neighborhood that the theme bar is located at, the player will be able to expand her space both horizontally and  vertically.

A core feature of Theme Bar: Indie Scene will be the ability to create a group of indie musicians or DJs that will perform live stage performances. The player will use an artist creator to create his indie band or DJ. Later she will be able to match her indie bands or DJs with her favorite mp3 playlists.

Running the bar that you always dreamt of is a very exciting and fun idea. And with the ability to create the ideal music and performers for your dream place, it’s a sure thing that you will feel cool and bossy. It will be very rewarding for you to see your customers, dance, drink and scream of joy in an environment designed by you!

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