Game Idea #3

Game Idea #3 is based on Lebanese-French Author and Journalist Amin Maalouf ‘s first book The Crusade According to the Arabs (published in 1983). Maalouf is also the writer of worldwide acknowledged novels such as Samarcande, Leo of Africa and The World in the First Century After Beatrice.

Game Idea #3

Crescent and Cross (C&C)

C&C is a war and diplomacy game in the settings of the Muslim world of the 11. and 12. centuries A.D. Each player will chose an Arab dynasty and struggle to survive one of the most complicated political era’s in Muslim history, the invasion of the christian Franks (also known as the Crusade).


The culturally advanced but administratively scattered Muslim leaders are busy fighting each other for domination over the lands of Anatolia, the Middle East, Mesopotamia, the Arab Peninsula and Northern Africa. But their inner affairs will be soon interupted by some new actors that enter the political scene. First the Muslim Turks (known as the Seldjuks) have defeated the Byzanthine armies in 1071 and established a presence in Anatolia. Now these former Asiatic tribes try to expand their influence into the Arab world. On the other hands, Byzanthine wants to restore its borders and does not hesitate to ask for help from their otherwise rather disliked Catholic Christian “brothers” in Central and Northern Europe. It is an age of conspiracy, turmoil and war between an infinite number of religious sections, ethnic identities, lords, counts, emirs and generals. In midst of these already troubled waters, the Muslim world will hear of the arrival of a strange army in Constantinople (all of its soldiers are said to wear white shirts with red crosses). As these soldiers start to march into the Anatolian highlands, the fate of the Muslim world will change forever.

C&C will be a fun game to play, because no matter which dynasty you chose, you will find yourself in the heart of unimaginable conspiracies and tug of wars. Who can be trusted? Who smiles in your face while making plans behind your back? Maybe your very neighbor has already sent an assasin into your palace to get rid of you, who knows? If you cannot see through and understand the motives of everyone around you, not only will you lose your cities, but soon you will see the end of your dynasty.


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