Game Idea #4

This week I feel kinda exhausted and I’m not very pleased with the game idea that I came up with. Probably I will come back to this post and add new things to it over time. Anyway, there is a promise I have to keep, so here you go: Game Idea #4!

Game Idea #4

Extreme Spy

Extreme Spy is a 3-D console game of the sports-action genre that also utilizes fighting game elements. You play the role of an extreme sports freak who has been held by mistake for a secret service member and becomes subject to hostile action. Your goal is to clear the mistake and prove all those who chase you that you have nothing to do with the struggle between the secret services of the world. This however, requires to solve the puzzle that you accidentaly became part of while you meanwhile try to withstand the deadly attacks of some of the best trained secret service members around the globe.

In Extreme Spy, you will use many of the tools and vehicles of the extreme sports genres to engage in combat with the enemy. Next to the “conventional” methods of battle, you will have to engage with the bad guys in a variety of unfamiliar locations such as mountains or glaciers, scyscrapers or vulcanic isles and use vehicles and tools such as modified paragliders, snowboards, mountain bikes, speedboats and many others of the extreme sports tools & vehicles. Anything good for riding, gliding, flying, diving or driving can be used: the only thing you got to do is to spot these tools and vehicles and jump on them. Use your skills to solve puzzles, track down enemy positions, engage into combat and experience weird chasing scenes in air, water or on ground.

Extreme Spy will be a hommage to the “versatile agent” of the James Bond series, but it will take this figure into the settings of the new millenium. You will enjoy a mixture of sports and fighting action and find yourself performing the craziest stunts that you can imagine.

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