Game Idea #5

This weeks game idea is quite different from those I came up until now. This time the game is an interactive virtual garden.


Game Idea #5


Eden is a garden building game that can be played with minimal effort and over long periods if desired.  Care about the plants in your virtual gardenhouse and unlock new plants and flowers as you start to understand the reactions of different plants to water, light, earth and other factors. Let your garden thrive in the most beautiful colors and be able to give your beloved the rarest plants on the planet.

Eden is a game in first-person perspective in which you have a glance at the interior of a garden house. By using the interface and controls you can buy seeds, modify the interior, and interact with plants as they grow. You will be able to zoom in or out, give your plants names and even talk to them. But be warned: it will require patience, skill and love to be able to make some of these flowers blossom. As you learn the secrets of becoming friends with plants, you will unlock new species and finally breed your own perfect flowers.

Eden is different from other games because it looks at plants and flowers as a passion and aims to make the player share this attitude. The reward of mastering the game will be having a beautiful garden, some serious gardening knowledge and wonderful pictures of amazing flowers which you can share with friends and family.


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