A Piece of Satire

One of my attempts to write a satire piece for the Game Career Guide design challenge addresses the issue that everyone wants to become a game designer. However chances are often said to be minimal, so a “break-in” story is often perceived like an epic tale. Usually you hear such type of break-in or break-out stories only when it comes to mythological tales about “national” heroes that are said to have “molten holes into iron mountains” to free themselves from oppression. I built up onto this notion and made a parody of the breaking into the game design issue by utilizing the famous game Super Breakout.

Before anything else, it was a writing exercise for me, because I am not an native speaker of english, but I’ll be glad if still someone finds it funny. ;) Here you go:


Super Break-In

The not-so-casual game for the casual game design wannabee.



Who says that games cannot create emotions? Now the game industry presents to you a game that speaks right from the bottom of your heart. But wait, don’t break out into tears, break in the game industry! Here comes Super Break-In, the break-into-the-game-industry game.

Finally you get that big chance, but use it wisely! The walls between you and your desired job are thick and bear many unpleasant surprises! Are you skilled enough to put your dream company under siege with your irresistible ideas? Do you have what it takes to tear down the walls that stand between you and the likes of Sid Meier, Will Wright and Peter Molyneux? Find out NOW! With Super Break-In, the break-into-the-game-industry game!


Unique Features

·         Familiar gameplay in a fresh, never-used-before epic story setting

·         Tons of unique power-ups for entertaining and long-lasting gameplay:

o        Networks

o        Schmooze

o        Free GDC cards

o        And many more! 

·         Three difficulty levels

o        Intern (Hard)

o        QA Guy (Very Hard)

o        Elevator Pitcher (Insane)


Super Break-In in the Press

“Believe the hype!” –

Ed Bartlett

“This guy [the designer] should have gotten on the elevator with me!”-

Bing Gordon

“A game worth a thousand FAQs.” –

– Dan Merchant

“Nice.” –

Tom Sloper


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