And Another Piece of Satire

If Super Break-In isn’t really your type of game, then why not trying out Need for Weed: Pot Pursuit?? Actually I liked this one especially for its funny name, but the game itself turned out to be quite serious as I continued to elaborate on its features and gameplay. At the end only the name was what remained to be satirical. Uhm, and the secret levels ;)

Need for Weed: Pot Pursuit




The streets aren’t safe anymore! Rumours say that the Puff Puff Gang with its lethal delivery team is in town to distribute not less than one ton of weed to our innocent teens. The police is alert. They must prevent the distribution of at least half of the stuff or the gang will make enough profit to stay in town.


You are given the task to investigate the activities of the gang and track down its dealers before they can deliver. But beware, the Puff Puff Gang has many friends and it won’t be easy for you to stop them.


Can you prevent the Puff Puff Gang from making a profit and force them to leave town?



Featured Gameplay


  • Gather knowledge about deliveries.

Search the city for pedestrian small-time crooks or members of rival gangs who will tell you the rumours they’ve heard about the Puff Puff deliveries. Chase them with your car into dead-ends where they have no chance to escape so that they share with you what they know. Be sure to confirm the information you gathered through other sources, because some of these guys might lie to you just to make sure that you let them go. Also the gang loves to spread false information about their deliveries. The game will trigger a cutscene if you chased a faked delivery that shows the Puff Puff gang members making jokes about you while they count the money that they earned from the actual delivery.


Drive through the city and discover stores, garages and other places populated by gang members. Follow gang members secretly to find out the places where they hide. Trigger cutscenes in which you enter those buildings and witness gang members talking about deliveries.


Establish a network of spies that you regularly have to pay a few bucks to receive calls from them about deliveries.


Unlock new neighborhoods and secret buildings as you combine your knowledge.


Follow up the map to see where and when deliveries will happen.





  • Survive attacks and keep your car in shape


Gang members will shoot at you from their cars wherever they spot you and chase you until you manage to escape. You must go to the garage to repair or upgrade the damaged protection shield of the car after attacks or your car will become more and more vulnerable until you might die in one of those attacks.


In later parts of the game, in order to get rid of you,  the gang will hire Dark Steel, a famous assassin in the appearance of a huge lethal black truck (inspired by the one in Steven Spielberg’s movie The Duell). Dark Steel will smash your car like a tin can if you can’t escape it, but thanks god it isn’t very good when it has to climb steep hillroads.




  • Engage in Deadly Sprints with Gang Members and Prevent Deliveries


Chase dealers in deadly sprints through the city and prevent them from delivering. Find out how many kilos of the stuff are in the back of the car.




  • Become Famous and Unlock Rewards


Get featured on Journals and Newspapers as you catch gang members.


Unlock new features such as neighborhoods, tracks, vehicles, engine parts and accessories as you grow your reputation.


Strenghten your ride. You’re going to need it!




  • Secret Game Modes(for the sake of controversy)


Push the tab button, enter one of the codewords below and hit enter:


Smashing Pumpkins. Enables you to play as Dark Steel which in return enables you to smash cars, pedestrians or both.


Halluci-nation. If you enter the codeword after you caught a delivery car, a pop-up window asks you if you tried out the stuff you’ve found in the back of the car and when you answer “Yeah” the graphics change and for 15 seconds or so you ride a flying carpet or a Reindeer-phaeton and steer it through the… um, wow, this looks so amazing.


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