Game Idea #7

This weeks idea builds up on a previous idea of mine, Saviors!. But instead of saving humans, this time it’s our friends the animals that need the help. Have a glance at Animal Rescue.

Game Idea #7

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue is 3-D FPS puzzle solving game in which you combine various tools and items in given environment in order to rescue a variety of animals, all with different behavioral patterns and characters. Your goal is to save or remove the animal without giving damage to the animal, the people around or the property in which the rescue mission takes place.

A mission will start with a call from a customer who will demand that you come to the property and check out the situation. The animals that are in/create danger range from crododiles, bears, serpents, dogs, cats, racoons to bulls and sheep. The player will have to choose the right method to catch the animal, set up traps or re-arrange the environment in order to lure the animal into a position that will make it easier to catch it. As the player gets experienced and earns money for successful missions, he will buy new equipment and vehicles that will enable him to go on more dangerous and tricky missions.

Animal Rescue will be fun because it unites action with puzzle-solving and uses the First Person perspective for more than just shooting monsters… although some might claim that a racoon is much more monstrous than a monster in Doom!


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