Game Idea #8

It’s the first time that I have a delay in the 52 Game Ideas series. First little creative crisis on week 8. But I’m over it now…

So, here is game ideas #8!


Moving Day

Moving Day is a mix of a puzzle game and a building evacuation sim in which you play the role of an engineer who has to dissect buildings into smaller pieces to move them to a new location without giving them damage during the process. The ultimate goal of the player is to turn his construction company into a thriving business. 

The game plays on various levels. On one level you must analyse the building to dissect it in a way that wouldn’t give it damage during transportation and re-assembly. You must decide where exactly to cut, where to place support beams etc. On another level, you must analyse and investigate the environment and transportation lines to identify obstacles that would make the moving difficult or impossible: Is there enough space around the building for operations? Are there bridges on the road? Are there alternative routes to move the building parts? What about slopes? On yet another level, you must follow the weather reports for approaching storms and your worst enemy, rain. Will the dissected building parts be exposed to rain or will you manage to put it together in time?

As you learn the process, you will encounter more difficult tasks. You will start with simple farm houses, but later on you will have to move whole historical building complexes. With success will come more important customers, more money, and the chance to spend this new money on new technology that will raise your service levels.

Moving Day is an engaging toy that keeps you busy with great architecture and engineering puzzles. Your problem solving skills will ve tested to their limits and you will have a lot of fun and exitement watching how the virtual building pieces will react to your plans! The downside of failure will be bankruptcy, the upside of this downside however, will be to see a building crash! Now isn’t that something we all like to watch?

 Little Note: Wouldn’t it be great to be the engineer for some virtual customers of The Sims universe?!

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