Game Idea #12

Game Idea #11 came two days late. Game Idea #12 comes two days early. Once more we’re fit I guess ;)

Anyway, this week’s idea has been again inspired by a game design challenge at Game Career Guide. This time their challenge is titled “Guitar’s the Word” and asks people to come up with a game idea in which the guitar controller of the bestseller game “Guitar Hero” is used in a non-music related way. While I was thinking what a guitar shaped controller with a strum bar, whammy bar and lots of colored buttons could be useful for, I suddenly had a vision of Courtney Love riding her guitar like a flying broom and throwing around with bolts. Now wasn’t that an idea  worth further examination?

Game Idea #12’s focus is not based on a particular game concept, but on a certain type of game controller: The flying broom. This week’s concept sees the flying broom controller as something that could inspire a palette of  interesting video games.


Game Idea #12

Flying Broom Games (FBG)

A FBG is any game with a suitable story that features air battle, flight simulations or sports that could (or should) be played with a flying broom controller.  

The flying broom controller aims basically at the Nintendo Wii. An already existing IP for which game and toy developers produced flying broom type controllers is the Harry Potter series. However, newer versions of this controller aiming at online quidditch tournaments could be an option to explore.

Also magic, witchcraft or vampire hunting games could make use of this controller. Sci-Fi games based on light-weight invididual air vehicles or the fantasy genre could make use of this contoller too: What about Hexen Elfs fighting flying Orcs in a LOTR-type universe??

Possible keys/controls and their assignments (mostly inherited from the guitar controller of Guitar Hero, but not limited to these):

  • Strum bar: A means to control machine gun-like weapons. Spinning the strum -the way it is often done in table football games- would determine the fire rate.
  • Whammy bar: A means to alter pace (like if it were a hand brake or a gear lever)
  • Color Buttons: Single button use or combos for acrobatic air moves
  • Extra Buttons: Fire missiles, drop or collect items, activate protection shields
  • Wii-mote: Detects the direction into which we point with the broomstick.

To summarize the concept: Flying on a broom is fun. Shooting on things while flying on a broom is funnier. Playing virtual quidditch is funniest.


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