Game Idea #14

It is time for the submission of a new game idea! So, here comes…


Game Idea #14


Veggie’s is a small business simulation which you start as the owner of a little fruit and vegetable shop in Beverly Hills. Your goal is to create a stable customer base, expand the interior, hire workers, invest into storage technologies, unlock new exotic fruits and vegetables for the more sophisticated customers and eventually become the #1 destination of VIP vegetarian and vegans from Hollywood!

mmmm... vegetables taste so good!

mmmm... vegetables taste so good!

As your customers come and go, you will notice how VIP’s ask for more exotic and expensive fruits and vegetables. However these VIP veggies require special storage devices. You will only be able to store these vegetables if you have the required storage facilities. On the other, all fruits and vegetables have their own character: how quick they start to rot away, what sort of treatment they require… if you do not care about the condition of your fruits and vegetables, your customers will return the goods or file complaints against you. Eventually your reputation will suffer and you will lose customers. This could even lead to bankruptcy!

Veggie’s is a colorful and fun game from which you can even learn a thing or two about fruits and vegetables. More than that, isn’t it great to proudly say that Britney and Keanu prefer your papayas? And that Arnold eats only your spinach?

One moment Mrs. Minogue, your veggie sandwich is almost ready

One moment, Miss Minogue; your veggie-mite sandwich is almost ready


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