Project Update: IC2010

Today was a long anticipated day: Two of my friends whom work with me on the IC2010 project -Barış Parlan (graphic artist) and Cengiz Önkal (programmer)- returned from their military service and it was the first time for almost a year that we could hold a design meeting together! But as you might have guessed already, it was in first line a celebration of freedom! After a long year spent in green uniforms and grey buildings, my friends could finally enjoy a lax afternoon surrounded with computers, game consoles, books and other fun stuff! :) 

It was almost one and a half year ago when we first decided to get together and start with the IC2010 project, but soon after our project launch, my friends were set for their military service (I had mine already behind me) and the project was for most of its parts laid on ice. I continued to work on the game design aspect in my spare time of course, but often I felt that I cannot continue without their input, advice and consent. Now that they are back, the project will gain pace and I have no doubt that our demo will be ready for June 2010, exactly as we were planning it.

We had a lot of fun today and our “design meeting” served as a nice warm-up to the game issues at hand. Not to forget to mention the PES and Tekken sessions we held afterwards! :)

Since Barış will be away for another three weeks, we will mainly work with Cengiz and our focus will probably shift on the technical design side of things, but when Barış is fully back, we will also spend  time on figuring the visual aspects.

I’m so glad and excited!

New article on Game Auteurship at Kafaayarı

Kerem Demirbaş over at the turkish game studies clog Kafaayarı put up an article on game auteurship today. The article is based on his M.A thesis which he wrote during his time at the IT Kopenhagen. There was just recently a design conference in Istanbul where Kerem made a presentation on the topic and it’s great that we now have a comprehensive article about the issue online.

Give it a try!

Game Idea #19

Game Idea #19


Paradice is an arcade game about a snowman who wants to reach the Antarctica to find eternal peace.

The game consists of several levels in which the player must collect a  number of snowballs and other items without being caught by a group of humans that chase him with shovels. This is a tricky task, not just because the shovelers co-operate in chasing the snowman, but also because as time passes by, the sun comes up and it gets hotter, causing our snowman to melt down. The snowman will be defeated if he melts down before accomplishing his goal (or if he gets caught by one of the shovelers). However, power-ups will reverse the situation and freeze the shovelers and once our snowman catches them, they are sent back home in front of a chauminee, where it will take some time until they normalize and come back to chase him.

Paradice is a simple game of the Pacman tradition and it is supposed to help us to kill a few minutes inbetween work to get a moment of relief.

Game Idea #18

This weeks idea is reserved to one of the heroes of my childhood: Tarzan. I was lucky enough to watch almost all of the movies which featured Johnny Weissmüller as the legendary king of the jungle. Maybe the time has come to make a game for this character with the signature cry! Here comes…



Game Idea # 18


Tarzan is a TPS in the settings of an African jungle. You control Tarzan, the king of the jungle, and protect your family (your wife Jane, + your son and daughter), the natives and all the animals from the evil intruders who dared to disturb the peace of your kingdom. Your ultimate goal is to drive them out and restore the order of the jungle.

Next to all typical types of moves in a TPS (think of Lara Croft, Spiderman or Max Payne), in Tarzan you can move your character quickly trough the jungle by using rope-like plants or by swinging from tree-branch to tree-branch. These are tactical elements which give you an advantage over your enemies which rather move on the ground of the jungle. Since you are Tarzan, a human raised by animals, you also have psionic powers which enable you to control animals and let them carry out certain actions. You will make use of the abilities of birds, mammals or reptiles which will all be of help to you as you must solve certain puzzles while you try to beat the intruders.

Tarzan is a world made up of myth and truth, legend and nature, fantasy and reality. You will acrobatic action and pictoresque peace. You battle cry will put its mark onto the jungle.


Game Idea #17

This week’s game idea is right on time! I went for a topic that always lies at my heart: Books! Here comes…

Game Idea #17


Bookworms is a library management simulation. You start as the new director of a small municipality library. Your goal is to develope the library into an important cultural center famous for its collections and events that attracts people from all ages, genders, nations and occupations.

As the director one of your primary duties is to keep the basic services in tact. On the other hand, you try to expand your services wisely in order to gain more financial support from the government. This requires an understanding and control of a certain growth cycle: The more money the library receives, the more different services it can offer and attract new user profiles. And the more new users the library attracts, the more support it receives from state and municipality.

The library can be expanded in two ways: physical space and content/services. New space will be needed for new sections in the library in which new collections will be introduced. But expansion might also be for conference rooms, bistros, or more restrooms. Also inner decoration is one of the issues to be dealt with. Introduction of wireless internet, DVD collections, cultural events, exhibitions etc are all activities that will contibute to the reputation and overall number of visitors of the library. Finally, taking parts in auctions and bidding for rare pieces to add them to your collection will be the cherry on top of the icecream.

Bookworms is for those who don’t want to chose between books and games! Take a library and turn it into a dream space of the curious and learners, be it students or famous writers!


Game Idea #16

Game Idea #16 arrives four days late :(  Somehow I got used to do things in an irregular manner, don’t you think so? I must get this under control… I’ll hope to get things back on track this Sunday. Anyway, her comes…

Game Idea #16

Sim Karting

Sim Karting is a tycoon game in which you construct and run karting pists. You start by chosing a location from certain spots around the world and build up your karting pist gradually into a massive entertainment park.

Sim Karting enables you to modify terrain, add or remove buildings, lay and modify tracks, and specify the range of a variety of services like the type of karts, drinks and food that are available. Your goal in the game is twofold: On one hand you try to raise the number of the members of your karting club; on the other hand you try to turn it into a place that has a standart high enough as to be chosen as an official racing pist for the International Karting Federation. Furthermore, its possible that you participate into a karting tournament on a pist that you have created yourself.

Sim Karting is fun because it combines many challenges and present to you a game in which you can just sit and watch the world that you’ve created or become part of the action in cool races at spots all around the world.