Game Idea #16

Game Idea #16 arrives four days late :(  Somehow I got used to do things in an irregular manner, don’t you think so? I must get this under control… I’ll hope to get things back on track this Sunday. Anyway, her comes…

Game Idea #16

Sim Karting

Sim Karting is a tycoon game in which you construct and run karting pists. You start by chosing a location from certain spots around the world and build up your karting pist gradually into a massive entertainment park.

Sim Karting enables you to modify terrain, add or remove buildings, lay and modify tracks, and specify the range of a variety of services like the type of karts, drinks and food that are available. Your goal in the game is twofold: On one hand you try to raise the number of the members of your karting club; on the other hand you try to turn it into a place that has a standart high enough as to be chosen as an official racing pist for the International Karting Federation. Furthermore, its possible that you participate into a karting tournament on a pist that you have created yourself.

Sim Karting is fun because it combines many challenges and present to you a game in which you can just sit and watch the world that you’ve created or become part of the action in cool races at spots all around the world.



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