Game Idea #17

This week’s game idea is right on time! I went for a topic that always lies at my heart: Books! Here comes…

Game Idea #17


Bookworms is a library management simulation. You start as the new director of a small municipality library. Your goal is to develope the library into an important cultural center famous for its collections and events that attracts people from all ages, genders, nations and occupations.

As the director one of your primary duties is to keep the basic services in tact. On the other hand, you try to expand your services wisely in order to gain more financial support from the government. This requires an understanding and control of a certain growth cycle: The more money the library receives, the more different services it can offer and attract new user profiles. And the more new users the library attracts, the more support it receives from state and municipality.

The library can be expanded in two ways: physical space and content/services. New space will be needed for new sections in the library in which new collections will be introduced. But expansion might also be for conference rooms, bistros, or more restrooms. Also inner decoration is one of the issues to be dealt with. Introduction of wireless internet, DVD collections, cultural events, exhibitions etc are all activities that will contibute to the reputation and overall number of visitors of the library. Finally, taking parts in auctions and bidding for rare pieces to add them to your collection will be the cherry on top of the icecream.

Bookworms is for those who don’t want to chose between books and games! Take a library and turn it into a dream space of the curious and learners, be it students or famous writers!



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