Game Idea #18

This weeks idea is reserved to one of the heroes of my childhood: Tarzan. I was lucky enough to watch almost all of the movies which featured Johnny Weissmüller as the legendary king of the jungle. Maybe the time has come to make a game for this character with the signature cry! Here comes…



Game Idea # 18


Tarzan is a TPS in the settings of an African jungle. You control Tarzan, the king of the jungle, and protect your family (your wife Jane, + your son and daughter), the natives and all the animals from the evil intruders who dared to disturb the peace of your kingdom. Your ultimate goal is to drive them out and restore the order of the jungle.

Next to all typical types of moves in a TPS (think of Lara Croft, Spiderman or Max Payne), in Tarzan you can move your character quickly trough the jungle by using rope-like plants or by swinging from tree-branch to tree-branch. These are tactical elements which give you an advantage over your enemies which rather move on the ground of the jungle. Since you are Tarzan, a human raised by animals, you also have psionic powers which enable you to control animals and let them carry out certain actions. You will make use of the abilities of birds, mammals or reptiles which will all be of help to you as you must solve certain puzzles while you try to beat the intruders.

Tarzan is a world made up of myth and truth, legend and nature, fantasy and reality. You will acrobatic action and pictoresque peace. You battle cry will put its mark onto the jungle.



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