Project Update: IC2010

Today was a long anticipated day: Two of my friends whom work with me on the IC2010 project -Barış Parlan (graphic artist) and Cengiz Önkal (programmer)- returned from their military service and it was the first time for almost a year that we could hold a design meeting together! But as you might have guessed already, it was in first line a celebration of freedom! After a long year spent in green uniforms and grey buildings, my friends could finally enjoy a lax afternoon surrounded with computers, game consoles, books and other fun stuff! :) 

It was almost one and a half year ago when we first decided to get together and start with the IC2010 project, but soon after our project launch, my friends were set for their military service (I had mine already behind me) and the project was for most of its parts laid on ice. I continued to work on the game design aspect in my spare time of course, but often I felt that I cannot continue without their input, advice and consent. Now that they are back, the project will gain pace and I have no doubt that our demo will be ready for June 2010, exactly as we were planning it.

We had a lot of fun today and our “design meeting” served as a nice warm-up to the game issues at hand. Not to forget to mention the PES and Tekken sessions we held afterwards! :)

Since Barış will be away for another three weeks, we will mainly work with Cengiz and our focus will probably shift on the technical design side of things, but when Barış is fully back, we will also spend  time on figuring the visual aspects.

I’m so glad and excited!


3 Responses

  1. It made me so happy that three of you can continue your project hopefully ^ ^ Barış has awesome designs and aspects so I’m sure the whole thing will turn out just fine (:
    Good luck with your project.
    Cheers (:

  2. Hey Lale, thanks! :)

    btw, you have some great deviations yourself! Great drawings and photos really… won’t you join our project?? :))

  3. Maybeee :P I’m not that good :D I’ll think about that after the exams :D and thanks for checking out my works too really appreciate it (:

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