Game Idea #22

This week’s game idea was inspired by a debate on torture in games  on Raph Koster’s blog. I want to bring the player to a point where she is left alone with the heavy burden of a moral dilemma.  Here is…

Game Idea #22


Carcass is an adventure game in which you are in the shoes of an Amnesty International volunteer who is sent to New Orleans to research a torture case in which a group of local  policemen are accussed to have mishandled and tortured a group of mostly black civilians. Your goal in the game is to investigate the case and bring those who are responsible in front of law and hopefully behind iron bars. 

There are a variety of puzzles and interconnected events that give you clues about how things happened and who was responsible for the violent acts. In the process, you become subject to hostile action yourself. You receive anonymous letters, you find your hotel room broken in and chased by cars etc. But there is more: some of your eyewitnesses will change their statements, official papers will get lost etc. You will enage into a variety of deeply touching and disturbing conversations with officials, eyewitnesses, local inhabitants, victims and the accussed.

The game ends at the point where there is no doubt that those accused have tortured the victims. All you need is a confession, someone to witness against them. But the spiral of silence can’t be broken…  Only a confession of those responsible will get them behind iron bars.

In the final shot/cutscene your avatar will come close-up to the camera and stares at you while the guilty but untouchables are sitting in the interrogation room in the background. Your avatar then exits the frame and you are left watching the guilty ones.


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