Game Idea #23

This week’s idea is based on an tribute to one of my favorite games, X-Com Apocalyse. However the way I envision it, it is placed into the settings of an island with political unrest and power struggle, very similar to Jagged Alliance. Here comes…

Game Idea #23


Guerillas is a RTS game with lots of challenging maps and tactical missions.

You are the leader of a resistance organization located on an island in the Dalmatian Archipelago. It is towards the end of the Second World War and the island is under occupation of Italian and German forces.

The Allied Forces have established contact with you and they want to create a resistance front on the island which would help driving the invaders out and spark similar resistance on neighboring islands, enabling seafare for ships under the flag of the Allies.

As the leader of the movement, it is your task to recruit volunteers for the task, ensure the logistic support of the island population, create saved zones, launch attacks on Axis Forces troops and Convoys, cut their support lines and gradually liberate the island.



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