Game Idea #25

2009’s first game idea is about a very simple and loft topic: paper airplanes. Intrigued? Read on! Here comes…

Game Idea #25

Paper Plane Simulator

Paper Plane Simulator is a paper plane game in which you can design your own paper plane and test it under various weather conditions and in different environments.

How far can your design go?

How far can your design go?

The game has a paper plane editor with a variety of pre-loaded designs that can be altered in order to accentuate certain properties of the design. The design preferences will have an impact on the paper plane’s performance. The players can save their paper planes and test them against the various missions and the career mode that the game provides.

Paper Plane Simulator is a fun little  game that provides us with the joy of creation and exciting spurts of experimentation with our own paper plane designs. 


For an experiment on paper airplanes with Maya and nCloth visit Colored Mice.


2 Responses

  1. There was a slightly less sim and slightly more puzzle version of this concept available back in the day for the MAC.

    I remember playing this thing for far too many evenings at the computer lab at my school back in the day.

    Memorabilia aside, yes.. paper planes = fun

  2. Hello Martin! Thanks a lot for your comment!

    I didn’t know about this game (I used a Mac back in 1996 or so and have never seen the game you mentioned) but I always felt that a game on paper planes is rather a concept for the “noble” gamer. So I’m not surprised to hear that someone developed such a game for the MAC, whose users are simply a different breed :)

    And I agree %100: paper planes = fun!

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