Game Idea #26

This week’s game idea is very cruel. It is an experiment on how to use the video game medium to create deeply emotional moments during gameplay. It is an attempt to answer the question wether video games can make us cry. Here comes…

Game Idea #26


Waterproof is a FPS that is designed in order to conduct an experiment about player emotions.  The goal is to utilize the normally invisible “fourth wall” (the computer or TV screen) in such a way that it is perceived as part of the game world. This means that the player will be aware of the fourth wall, but still it will not cease the process of immersion. To the opposite it will carry immersion to a level that might cause reactions such as crying.

The frame story in which this emotional experiment will be executed is about a underwater research station that soon becomes subject to mysterious events. The player will be soon forced to find a way out of the station. Not just to save his own life, but also that of his 16 years old daughter. The player must manage to escape rooms and corridors before the automatic waterproof doors are activated and start to isolate the sections of the station that are flooded with massive amounts of water.

The game will utilize many storytelling techniques to create identification between the player and the daughter. This will be crucial for one of the  possible ends of the game, in which the daughter will get locked in a room and drown in front of our eyes. During this scene we will run through a door in the last second and see that our daughter got trapped. The water will soon start to flood the room and we will watch the events through the small visor screen of the waterproof door.  We will see her trying to find ways to get out, but she will not be able to do so. Finally she will turn to the visor we look through:  our computer screen. It will be the water and bullet proof window towards which she will scream and put her hands on while she waits for her death.

Btw, half the way of my self-imposed 52 Game Ideas challenge is done. Only half a year to go! Actually I started playing with the idea if I should start a second year: 104 Game Ideas :)

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