Game Idea #29

Game Idea #29

Escape from Alcatraz

Escape from Alcatraz is a board game in which player have to find a way to freedom from the infamous prison-island. Players start in the center of the map and dig themselves tunnels to the shores of the island.

Players can do both, go their individual way, or following the footsteps of another player. Following the footsteps of an advanced player is a safe way, however, the advanced player can place traps or obstacles into the way of his followers. On the other hand a leading player will always have to fear surprises that might hit him with the next undug square he enters. 

Escape of Alcatraz is a entertaining game with lots of player interaction and tactical gameplay. Players will also need some luck to be the first to reach the shore. There is only one boat waiting, so it’d be better if you’re that guy.


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