Game Idea #30

I arrived at another milestone: Game Idea #30! It’s a strange feeling to be honest. I remember the day when I wrote down my first idea… 30 weeks have past since then? The sands of time… Anyway, here comes

Game Idea #30

Darwin’s Voyage

Darwin’s Voyage is an adventure game in which you step into the shoes of Charles Darwin. Your goal is to play trough several puzzle-filled levels and collect the items and evidence that allows you to construct the theory of evolution.

Take of from the British Isles and cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach Latin America. Surmount the Magellan Horn, travel the Ands and continue your journey of awakenings until you reach the Galapagos Islands, for a magnificient finale. Travel through dozens of countries, meet dozens of people, collect hundreds of items and unveil the truth of earth, nature, and the species.

Darwins Voyage is a puzzle and adventure loaded game with an educational value. It will keep the player busy for many hours, reliving one of the most important individual adventures in human history.


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