Game Idea #32

I’m in a Wii mode, so my next game idea is for the Wii. It is about directing a philharmony orchestra. I don’t know if you think it’s to serious, but I believe it could be really fun to help the orchestra to get it done right :) Here comes…

Game Idea #32


Maestro is a game for the Nintendo Wii in which you are the maestro of a philharmony orchestra. Your goal is to direct the various orchestra parts and its individuals during their performance of music classics and get the piece finished with as little mistakes as possible. The better you get at direction, the bigger will be the  orchesters entrusted to you. Will you climb the stairs of fame  to become the new Herbert von Karajan?

Maestro will be a fun game because you can walk completely amok and create the weirdest of cacophonies which will upset those high-brow ladies and gentlemen in the hall; but it will be equally fun and rewarding to master to command the orchestra and get a well-deserved standing ovation for the wonderful performance you allowed all visitors to experience.


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