Game Idea #33

I’m continuing with ideas for the Nintento Wii. This one is the simulation of a simple kids game: Bouncing Balls. Here comes…

Game Idea #33


Bouncey is a ball bouncing simulation to be presented under the thematic umbrella of kids street games. Your goal is to keep a soccer ball bouncing as long as you can, without allowing it to touch the ground. You can also play certain bouncing tricks, like using your shoulders or letting the ball rest on top of your head, neck or back. In the long term you will unlock the ball bouncing tricks of famous soccer stars such as Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or David Beckham.

The game will use a pair of special signalling sources which can be mounted on shoes, knee, neck and head and are compatible with the Nintento Wii’s motion detection system.


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  1. This isounds very cool, I hope it gets made!

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