Game Idea #34

This week’s game is about fortune telling and anticipation. Enjoy! :)

Game Idea #34

Your Daily Horoscope

Your Daily Horoscope is a puzzle game in which you have to interpret your daily horoscope in order to achieve success or to avoid problems in the simulated world through which you have to guide your avatar throughout the day.

The game will place certain events onto our path during the day and then generate a horoscope which “encripts” and presents these events in a broadly interpretable horoscope language. Our goal is, through a combination of guesswork and evidence, to spend our days in the most benefitial way by avoiding unfortunate events and by championing onto our opportunities. A simple happening such a stranger giving us roses will turn into an dilemma: Should we accept the roses or reject it? Maybe we will be the one who has roses when the boss asks for them and get a promotion… The horoscope might help us in making our decision.

Your Daily Horoscope will be a fun game, especially at the moments in which the plot is revealed and we fully understand the true meaning of the horoscope and see how obvious it was that these things would happen! Hundreds of possible scenarios will ensure that we will have a lot of puzzles to solve.


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