Game Idea #36

A few years ago I’ve lost a very close friend in an “accident” that seemed unimagibly absurd at that time: A rock fell on his head, in the middle of the crowdest of all cities… He was a very special person and together with some friends we were always thinking to make him the main character of a weird game. Yesterday, when I was thinking on an event for this game (it is codenamed “The Marquis” btw) — I imagined a somewhat “slapstickish” scene in which you push a piano down the stairways so that it smashes the opponents that follow you —  I suddenly thought it could be fun to play the role of a waiter… on a ship in a storm. ;) Here comes…

Game Idea #36

The Waiter

The Waiter is a switchable FPS/TPS game in which you play the role of a waiter who serves at dinner tables of elite customers during a trip through the ocean. The goal of the game is to complete the service sequence with as less mistakes as possible, which basically will require the player to balance his movements against those of the ship caused by waves. There will be some cute rewards at the end of each sequence, such as a rendezvous with the noble young  lady or gentleman at the table ;)

Different challenges will be posed to the player through service sequences in different transportation vehicles such as trains, busses and airplanes.

The Waiter is a fun game that requires some skill. But sometimes all you need is a bit of luck!


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