Game Idea #38

This weeks game idea has been inspired by a blog entry  at 22 Over 7 about the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is a symbol used since the ancient ages and is known as  serpent that eats its own tail. The symbol is also used in astrology and said to represent the Milky Way. When you look at the Milky Way from the galactic central point near Sagittaurus, it looks like a serpent which eats its own tail. The name of the game idea I come up with belongs to an astrolabe built during the reign of King Sejong of Korea. This device called Honcheonui (but often abbreviated as Honui) was used to measure the positions of astronomical objects such as sun, moon and planets. It consists of several orbital rings placed into one another. Anyway, here comes…

Game Idea #38


In Honui, your goal is to make your opponents serpents eat their tails before your serpent has eaten its own tail. The game ends when a players serpent has completely eaten itself. The player whose serpent is the longest will win the game.


Each players start with a shared time concept, however in the process of the game, players will be able to put each other into different concepts of time. As a result, the same events will have different outcomes in regard to the serpents. For some serpents time will flow faster, for others slower, and this will have an impact on how quick the serpents eat their tails. It will also be able to reverse time and recover some of the parts that the serpents had eaten.


Hunoi will be a fun strategy game in which time and timing are the central tactical elements. The master of time will be the master of the universe.



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