Game Idea #39

This week’s game idea is inspired by the brazilian director Glauber Rocha (I mentioned it first at a thread at the IGDA Forums though). It’s a game about poor kids living in the streets, who are exposed to weather, hunger and violence. Could be a Sims mod actually. Here comes…

Game Idea #39


In Hunger, you are in charge of a group of kids who live on the streets. Everyday objects like dustbins or ATM booths have a new meaning to you, since these mean food or shelter. Part of the game is to discover the “hidden” functionalities of all type of everyday objects. The game also supports the establishment of relations with street animals like dogs or cats.

Brazilian film director Glauber Rocha

Brazilian film director Glauber Rocha

A primary concern will be to avoid sickness and health problems since these are very difficult to overcome.

Another primary goal is to avoid or prevent violence. For example violence between the members of the group which you control. The violence that occurs ranges from humiliation to forced labor to mutilation. You also need to manage other encounters with potential sources of violence such as parents, mafia, and police or ‘good citizens’ that want ‘this problem’  to be removed from their backyards ‘immediately’.

An in-game reference to games will be the following instance: Since our characters are kids, they love to spend the little bit of money they have on those 8 or 16-bit era games in that rotten arcade around the corner. But their hopes to play one of those games lasts only until the owner of the arcade refuses to sell them coins because he believes that they ‘disturb the peace’ of the kids from the ‘good’ families.

You lose the game when all of the kids under your control are dead or under arrest. In other words, you continue to play only as long as you have at least one free living character. 


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