On Train

My latest article on the art game Train (Brenda Brathwaite, 2009) has been published at Sande Chen’s Game Design Aspect of the Month.

I hope you’re going to like it!

New Article on Pacing and Rhythm in Games

I’ve put up a new article on pacing and rhythm in games. The article is titled Tense and Tension in Games.

I hope you’ll like it. Don’t forget to leave your comment!

Mature Games podcast at GDAM

Have you lately been following the developments over at Sande Chen’s Game Aspect of the Month (GDAM)? The blog is known for serving as a platform for discussion  for game designer and scholars alike. So far, GDAM featured many articles on subjects like player death, prototyping, and trends of simplicity. This month’s July rally, however, came with the launch of a brandnew feature: A podcast on mature games!

It had been revealed earlier that in the coming months we will be able to listen to more of such podcasts!

This month’s Mature Games session which is moderated by 2007 Writers Guild Award in Videgame Writing nominee Sande Chen, features NY-based writer CJ Kershner and designer-turned programmer Ryon Levitt from japanese game developer KOEI. Issues range from serious games to sex and violence, and the participants touch on games like Starcraft, Passage and Harry Potter. If you have a few spare minutes, just tune in, it’s definitely worth the time!

Selling your board games online?

It seems like this is now possible: Just recently Game Crafter, a site for board game creators has been launched.

It is time you took that game you created and publish it. No more homemade board or cards. You have arrived. Now, publish it!

…they’ve announced proudly.

Indeed everything you need to make or re-make your game is online. Just put together the pieces, upload your own stuff if you want. That’s all. Then you are ready to publish your game and… sell it. Yes, sell it, online.

Raph Koster puts it best: Now we have Cafepress for board games :)

New Article at Birgün

The turkish daily paper Birgün has decided to devote 8 pages of its coming Sunday edition to video games, video games studies and the issues surrounding the local video game industry.  One of the articles that will be published on Sunday will be mine. [Edit: the article is up now, to read it, pleace click the link below]

In my article  “‘National’ Video Game Industry: The New Crying Game?” I write about the similarities in ‘national’ film research and the new emerging video game studies branch in Turkey. I issue a few warnings about possible epistemological and methodological pitfalls that await this new branch if it decides to follow the ‘scientific’ footsteps of the national film industry debate of the past.

While all this might sound very serious to you, it is a quite entertaining and fun read if you ask me ;) I can’t wait to see the article published. And I’m curious whether it will be the catalyst for some fruitful debates!

By the way, my friends at Kafa Ayarı will also feature a few articles. I think this week’s Sunday edition of Birgün will be truly memorable.

1st Anniversary of The Ludosphere!

Today, the  Ludosphere turned one year old!

I’m very happy having it, and I hope that I will maintain it for many years to come.

Throughout the year I’ve added many articles and an art& design section to it. I also created a SIG Chronicles page (which needs some heavy updating really). There have been a satisfying number of visitors and comments to my pages and I think that the blog served its purpose to foster communication with people into game design.

My biggest failure however was that I couldn’t manage my quest in regard to produce 52 Game Ideas throughout the year. I reached 41 game ideas in total, 11 less than I had promised. I understand better now what difficult a task Patrick Curry, the person I took this idea from, achieved when he completed his own quest for 52 game ideas within a year.

I’m thankful to everyone who featured my blog on their blogrolls and I hope to create stronger ties in the future with my partner blogs (such it was the case with the people at Kafa Ayarı)

See you all around!