New Article at Birgün

The turkish daily paper Birgün has decided to devote 8 pages of its coming Sunday edition to video games, video games studies and the issues surrounding the local video game industry.  One of the articles that will be published on Sunday will be mine. [Edit: the article is up now, to read it, pleace click the link below]

In my article  “‘National’ Video Game Industry: The New Crying Game?” I write about the similarities in ‘national’ film research and the new emerging video game studies branch in Turkey. I issue a few warnings about possible epistemological and methodological pitfalls that await this new branch if it decides to follow the ‘scientific’ footsteps of the national film industry debate of the past.

While all this might sound very serious to you, it is a quite entertaining and fun read if you ask me ;) I can’t wait to see the article published. And I’m curious whether it will be the catalyst for some fruitful debates!

By the way, my friends at Kafa Ayarı will also feature a few articles. I think this week’s Sunday edition of Birgün will be truly memorable.


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