On Train

My latest article on the art game Train (Brenda Brathwaite, 2009) has been published at Sande Chen’s Game Design Aspect of the Month.

I hope you’re going to like it!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Altug, and thanks for the up on Train. One thing that I was trying to do with the game is to explore that moment of knowledge that everyone had when they first learned what was happening. If you know what this game is about, do you keep playing? Games ask for action or in-action, and I think that’s a powerful ethical dilemma to present to the player. There have been a good number of people (prob 10%) that question the game when they approach it. With its smashed glass, it in no way looks friendly and approachable. There’s nothing soft about it. And with that, I also wanted people to question following rules, blindly.

  2. A few of my friends read this article and what was very striking for me was the fact that they were kinda upset that the “Holocaust” could be made subject to a game. That is interesting because it shows how much games still have to go to be accepted as a medium for artistic expression, consciousness raising or social critique. It’s kinda disappointing that some topics can be seen as taboo for a certain medium. Tells a lot about how the medium is perceived. I hope that games like Train can help breaking down this perception of games in general.

    Btw, I should apologize to have written on a game that I do not really know. I hope that I can play it soon. From what I heard so far, it must be very interesting. I’m curious to hear of more games of this type. Good luck!

  3. Here is an “art” game I developed on April 18-19th, which also came to be about Holocaust for entirely different reasons (gas simulation etc).

    Unlike Train, it approaches the scene from a different point of view, that of the eyes of a prisoner.



  4. Hi Barış!

    Thanks a lot for the links, I didn’t know such game exists. I will check it out ASAP.

    Btw, I knew you already from your publications on video games and I’m glad to meet you now. I hope we’ll soon find a chance to come together at a conference or something.

    Until then, take care!

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