Saturday Night Prototyping for “Saviors!”

This evening I did some prototyping for an old game idea of mine, Saviors!

In Saviors! you control a rescue group whose aim is to provide human aid in distaster zones world wide. Your goal is to save the lives of as many people as possible in places hit by disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, avalanches or volcanic eruptions.

I tried to figure how I could set up a very simple puzzle based system with an emphasis on limited time. I chose a earthquake scenario in which I had to rescue a family and their dog.

So, here’s the story (picture quality isn’t the best btw, my apologies):


An earthquake has struck! We're looking for a family supposed under this debris that was once a building.


Where to start digging?


Time is limited so we just start from somewhere. Bigger pieces cost us more turns/action points.


Hurra! We've found a dog and then a baby!!!


Oh, we've found the father! He's breathing, but badly wounded...


And there are the legs of the mother... her head and torso are under a pillar, that looks really frightening....


We've removed the pillar and the mother isn't as bad as it looked first. Oh and what's that?: We've found the little son of the family!


We've sent the son first because the mother is ok and will survive whereas the little boy needs some urgent treatment


The remains of our mission... we did a good job, except the poor dog. But it was too late for him already :(


Thank you, stranger! We will always remember you!

Game Idea #42

You will remember that I failed from my self-imposed challenge of coming up with 52 Game Ideas within a year. However, my decision was to keep going and add new ideas to the list as they come. After a quite long break, here is finally a new game idea. Enjoy!

Game Idea #42

We Built This City (WBTC)

WBTC is a city and road construction set that can be used to create a simulated city environment that can host a variety of games simultaneously.

Urban Racing Boardgame Prototype_2

Sample Mission Brief for a class of up to 30 students:

Form groups of up to six players. Use the WBTC set and any material of your choice to build a city around a certain theme (China, ghosts, lunar city, mafia, film festival etc…). Connect the cities to each other when their design is finished to have a group of city districts, however limit players access to the districts of their friends. Play a racing or exploration game with a reputation system in which for each new level of reputation a player’s freedom of travelling expands into a new city district. The player who finishes the quests in all city districts wins the game.

Urban Racing Boardgame Prototype_detail_2

Urban Racing Boardgame Prototype_detail_3

New Role at GDAM

I’m happy to announce that I have accepted a co-editor role over at GDAM (Game Design Aspect of the Month). The blog was created back in March by Writers Guild Award nominee Sande Chen and was since then host for a series of interesting articles and podcasts on game design topics.

I was a GDAM contributor myself during the  June, July and August rallies, but the co-editor role came a bit as a surprise. I’m honored to be asked to play a more important role and hopefully I will be able to make a positive impact. Thanks, Sande!