Game Idea #42

You will remember that I failed from my self-imposed challenge of coming up with 52 Game Ideas within a year. However, my decision was to keep going and add new ideas to the list as they come. After a quite long break, here is finally a new game idea. Enjoy!

Game Idea #42

We Built This City (WBTC)

WBTC is a city and road construction set that can be used to create a simulated city environment that can host a variety of games simultaneously.

Urban Racing Boardgame Prototype_2

Sample Mission Brief for a class of up to 30 students:

Form groups of up to six players. Use the WBTC set and any material of your choice to build a city around a certain theme (China, ghosts, lunar city, mafia, film festival etc…). Connect the cities to each other when their design is finished to have a group of city districts, however limit players access to the districts of their friends. Play a racing or exploration game with a reputation system in which for each new level of reputation a player’s freedom of travelling expands into a new city district. The player who finishes the quests in all city districts wins the game.

Urban Racing Boardgame Prototype_detail_2

Urban Racing Boardgame Prototype_detail_3


One Response

  1. Related game ideas:

    *Dolmush Tycoon.
    A scenario that puts you in the shoes of a dolmush driver.

    *Need for Weed: Pot Pursuit.
    A scenario in which players can team up and play either the bad boys (drug dealers) or the police.

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