GDAM reboots!

Game Design Aspect of the Month made a reboot to prepare itself for the new year.

The statement on the blog says:

After a very fruitful first year, the Game Design Aspect of the Month editors are preparing for the new year with the goal of building on last year’s achievements and improving GDAM’s features. We want to continue to present game designers, industry professionals and game researchers with a platform for high-standard discussions and exchange. We would like to express our gratitude to our readers and to all those who during the past year contributed to GDAM with their articles or took the time to participate in our podcasts: Thank you very much!

GDAM is now looking for writers to contribute with articles to the current topic which is Pitching and High Concepts. The topic had been suggested by narrative designer Tobias Heussner and you can find a more detailed topic description here.

Also the GDAM editors are all ears for topic suggestions for the month of January, so why don’t you give it a shot? Just for some inspiration: topic suggestions of the past included Mature Games, Prototyping and Player Death.


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