Top 5 Member Blog Post at Gamasutra!

My recent article on three-act structure and its usefulness in understanding the narrative structure in video games got featured as one of the top 5 member blogs on gamasutra this week.

There was a bit of critique from readers that the article forced the relation a bit too much, but I’m glad that the gamasutra editors saw the article worthy enough to be regarded among the best articles this week.

You can read the news here.

A comparison of video games and feature films in regard to three-act structure

My latest article on gamasutra questions the usefulness of three-act structure in the narrative design of video games. The article first outlines the basics of the three-act structure. Later on it takes a look at classical coin-op arcade games to draw conclusions on the similarities and differences in regard to plot structure, character development and planting of middle acts.

Read here.