1st Anniversary of The Ludosphere!

Today, the  Ludosphere turned one year old!

I’m very happy having it, and I hope that I will maintain it for many years to come.

Throughout the year I’ve added many articles and an art& design section to it. I also created a SIG Chronicles page (which needs some heavy updating really). There have been a satisfying number of visitors and comments to my pages and I think that the blog served its purpose to foster communication with people into game design.

My biggest failure however was that I couldn’t manage my quest in regard to produce 52 Game Ideas throughout the year. I reached 41 game ideas in total, 11 less than I had promised. I understand better now what difficult a task Patrick Curry, the person I took this idea from, achieved when he completed his own quest for 52 game ideas within a year.

I’m thankful to everyone who featured my blog on their blogrolls and I hope to create stronger ties in the future with my partner blogs (such it was the case with the people at Kafa Ayarı)

See you all around!