New Digital Games Book Release

A year ago I wrote an article for a turkish book on digital games. After almost a year of waiting the book has finally been published by the turkish publisher Der Yayınları in İstanbul: Dijital Oyunlar (eds. Gülin Terek Ünal and Uğur Batı).

The title of my article is “Dijital Oyunlarda Oyun Hakimiyeti ve Montaj Sorunu” [Video Game Controls and the Problem of Sequence Motion]. You can read a description of the book here (in turkish).

I hope you enjoy the book (and my article, of course!)

The Snowflake: A Model for Stories with Branching Structures?

Today I was at the local bookstore. As I was looking for a copy of Homer’s Odysseia, I came accross a section dedicated to Orhan Pamuk, the Nobel-Prize winning turkish author. An illustration on the backcover of his book Kar (Snow, published in 2002) suddenly catched my attention. Here it is:

Illustration from the backcover of Orhan Pamuk's novel "Kar" (Snow, 2002)

Illustration from the backcover of Orhan Pamuk's novel Kar (Snow) dating back to the year 2002.

The cover artist combined a stylized snowflake with the names of characters and sections in the story. I don’t know wether it was Pamuk’s own idea. But suddenly I heard myself saying: “Stories are like snowflakes: They all look alike, but still each one of them is unique.”

More than that, I think a snowflake model could be useful for game writers that work on stories with “branching” structures.