Those who know me a bit also know that I am preparing for a PhD in architecture. I want to write a thesis on the relationship between space and narrative in video games (especially in 3D level design) and I found that doing this at a architecture department would be the better way.

As you can imagine, my desk is full with books on architecture and I love to spend my time to read through these sources. It’s especially exciting to find out about the lifes, goals and philosophies of various architects. And as I read through their lives I wonder sometimes: What would have a mod or level designed by Le Corbusier, Lloyd Wright or Ventura looked like?  How would they have approached their task? Form and Order? Modularity? Texture and Lighting? Functionality? Flow and Circulation? How would it have been to have these guys on your development team?

I lean back for a moment and try to imagine: A Grand Theft Auto city designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. A Need for Speed environment crafted by Robert Ventura. A Modulor system by Le Corbusier for First-Person and Third-Person Shooters. It’s so intriguing, isn’t it?

Maybe there is a contest out there? Such as “How would a Counter-Strike level by Le Corbuiser have looked like? I wish the game industry would care more about such things.

EDIT: Funny, just a minute after I sent this post I saw a job advert on gamasutra: They are looking for a level architect! Well, maybe Frampton or Tschumi will apply ;)