Game Idea #20

Fine! I arrived at game idea #20. Not bad I must say. Six more ideas and half of the task will be accomplished.

This week’s game idea is an adaptation of Italo Calvino’s Il Barone Rampante. Read on.

Game Idea #20


In Trees you are in the role of a 18th century baron who, after a heartbreaking family issue, decides to spend the rest of his life up on trees. The ultimate goal of the game is to create the biggest possible network of trees to ensure that you can continue with your unusual lifestyle.

The game starts in a small village in Italy. After an argument with your father, you climb up a tree and say that you never touch the ground again. Everyone’s laughing at you, but after a few weeks they start to understand that you were serious. You create yourself a habitat on trees and as you discover your new world you meet interesting people such as an outlaw, a bohemian countess, gypsies, hunters etc.

One of your goals is to find new tree-routes that allow you to travel over huge distances. Sometimes you need to find seeds for types of trees that grow fast so that you can bridge gaps between forrests. Each time you connect to a new isles of trees, you also unlock new encounters with new characters. You will aid the Robin Hoods of your time, fall in love with gypsies, and try to win the heart of the countess so that she decides to come up to trees and live with you. 

The game ends if you touch the ground for any reason.