Introduction to Game Design


Fullerton T. Game Design Workshop.

Schreiber I., and Brathwaite B. Challenges for Game Designsers.

Exams and Student Evaluation:

-There will be no mid-term and final exams.

 -Students are required to develop a board game from concept to retail box.

-Students are required to complete a quiz (on week 5)


Instructor Info

Office:   CMS 340

Phone: (0392 630 2171)


Week Date Topic Milestones
Week 1   Introduction – The Playcentric Approach, The Role of the Game Designer  
Week 2   How to write a Game Proposal? The Structure of Games Game Proposal
Week 3   Formal Game Elements, System Dynamics Game Proposal 2nd Iteration
Week 4   How to prepare a Gameplay Visualization, Dramatic Game Elements Gameplay Visualization
Week 5   Prototyping Quiz 1 (topics 1-4); Game Prototype
Week 6   Playtesting I: Foundations (Fun) Playesting 1st Iteration
Week 7   Playtesting II: Structure (Functionality) Playtesting  2nd Iteration
Week 8   Playtesting III: Formal Details (Internal Completeness) Playtesting 3rd Iteration
Week 9   Playtesting IV: Formal Details (Balance) Playtesting 4th Iteration
Week 10   Playtesting V: Refinement (Accessibility) Playtesting 5th Iteration
Week 11   Playtesting VI: Refinement Playtesting 6th Iteration
Week 12   Rulebook and Retail box design Retail Box
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