Sound in Film and TV


Michel Chion, Audio-Vision

Herbert Zettl, Sight Sound Motion

Pascal Bonitzer, Bakış ve Ses

Exams and Student Evaluation:

-There will be no mid-term and final exams.

-Quizzes will be held every second week.

-As final project, students will submit an audio-visual analyses of a film fragment of their own choice.


Instructor Info

Office:   CMS 340

Phone: (0392 630 2171)


Week Date Topic Milestones
Week 1   Introduction  
Week 2   Projections of Sound and Image  
Week 3   The Three Listening Modes Quiz (topics 1-2)
Week 4   Lines and Points  
Week 5   The Audio-Visual Scene Quiz (topics 3-4)
Week 6   The Real and the Rendered  
Week 7   Phantom Audio-Vision Quiz (topics 5-6)
Week 8   Sound Film  
Week 9   TV, Video Art, Music Video Quiz (topics 7-8)
Week 10   Audiologoviual Poetics  
Week 11   Audio-Visual Analyses Quiz (topics 9-10)
Week 12   Conclusion Final Project

Course Outline

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