Game Idea #46

After some time, I’ve come up with a new game idea. This time it is an experimental game about perspective… here it comes:

Game Idea #46


This multiplayer online game starts by presenting an object or human according to rules of classic perspective. However, as more players join the game, the number of vantage points multiplies and starts to “deform” the object/human that the individual player sees. Stylewise, the object/human starts to turn into some sort of cubist painting. As players navigate around the object/human, the changes in the vantage points are reflected onto the representation of both object/human and environment, which turns gameplay into the shaping of an interactive cubist sculpture-world that morphs in real-time.

The game has two experimental goals: On one hand, it is a technological experiment, challenging the capacities of current game engines and graphics programmers; on the other hand it is an experiment on reception, challenging the ways in which players “view” 3D representations, and their notion of interaction.

Global Game Jam 2011!

We’ve been again part of the Global Game Jam this year! Once more we had lots of fun during the 48 hours game development marathon.

The host at our location Gazimağusa was again the Eastern Mediterranean University. 17 people came together to start on a number of project and we were happy to complete one of the projects in time: A game title “Nerdic Geek Jam”; a parody of the 48 hours that a jammer goes through during the Global Game Jam.  The game is far from being perfect, has functionality problems, and most important, there are huge accessibility problems. Yet we see it as a foundation for further development efforts of the game.

Global Game Jam: The best thing that can happen to you!

Gazimagusa had a great first time at the Global Game Jam this year! A group of 15 people spent more than 48 hours at the Green Hall Complex of the Eastern Mediterranean University to come together and engage into the most exciting thing on earth: making games!

Our event was aired via ustream for the entire 48 hours. Despite being our first ever participation in a game jam, the organization was flawless and no problem has been reported. Three teams were formed during the process, and one team was able to finish their game in time.

It was a great event and we are looking forward to the GGJ 2011!!!

Our logo!

Discussing the layout and loop structure of a background image for the game Yakuza!

Global Game Jam: Only 3 Days to Go!

Gazimağusa is one of this years Global Game Jam locations. We got the support of our university and my faculty will host the event that will take place between 29-31 January.

Since it is our “pilot” event, we were happy to have it not too crowded: our group of participants stands at 15 right now and that is just about the right number to run it smoothly.

I’m very excited! This is a phantastic opportunity for us. An opportunity to show our enthusiasm and skills, an opportunity to show that we have the capacity to do amazing stuff on this island.

GGJ 2010, we’re coming!!

Games that reflect Turkey

NOTE: You need to be familiar with some of the turkish words that will be mentioned in this article in order to fully understand it.

In recent years I had several ideas about games that would reflect Turkey and the turkish life style. Usually I combined them with already existing and worldwide reknown franchises. Here are some of them:

Need for Speed: Istanbul Dolmush Edition

In this game you are a dolmush driver and try to make your way up from the outskirts of the city to the best and most profitable dolmuş routes in the city of Istanbul. Your goal is to reach a high score which is a combination of reputation points, available cash and financial assets.

You compete with other dolmush drivers for passengers that wait to be collected from the streets. Competition is fierce and it is not easy to always have all seats in your vehicle filled with passengers. You might take more passengers than it is allowed by the administration and earn some extra bucks, but be careful, the police might wait just around the corner. The streets are not in the best conditions and you need to drive carefully if you want to avoid too high repair and maintenance costs.

Will you be able to pay the yearly fee in time and also make a profit to invest into a better route? Or will it be a far dream for you to serve in the nobler city districts?

As the game progresses you will unlock new dolmush models (vans and minibusses instead of the 1950’s Chevrolet’s), decals and stickers (“Atam Izindeyiz”, “Huzur Islamdadır”, “Liselim”, “Sollama Beni Sollarım Seni”, “Babam Aldı Sana Ne?”, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim”, “Sarı Kanarya”, “Cim Bom Bom”, “Kara Kartal”, “Rahmetli de Sollardı” etc), accessories (Nazarlık’s etc).

The game will also feature a variety of thematic radio channels: The arabesque channel, the turkish pop channel, the foreign pop channel, the patriot channel, the alternative music channel… Listen to Orhan Abi, Müslüm Baba, Ahmet Kaya, Neşet Ertaş or Duman.

Drive through the streets of a realistically modelled İstanbul and experience the day-by-day struggle of a Istanbul dolmush driver.

Sim Gecekondu

In Sim Gecekondu you are the major of one of the big cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Eskişehir, Bursa, Gaziantep etc). Your objective is to stay at the helm of the city as long as possible. With an interval of 5 years elections will be held and you got to please as many people as possible in your city to be re-elected. For this you have to do both, please the already settled upper and middle-classes as well as the migrating lower-classes that invade the city districts illegally.

You will also play through scenarios such as “Istanbul Olimpiyatları” in which your goal will be to bring the Olympic Games to Istanbul by fullfilling the criteria of the IOC within a certain time frame.


His name is Mülayim and he is a calm guy. But if you scare him you wake up a giant in him: the green külhanbeyi Hulki, the Ottoman Hulk with the deadly Ottoman slap. ‘Nuff Said!

Do you have an idea for a game that would reflect Turkey or the turkish life style? Please share it here.