FFD122 History of Art and Design II

Tips for the Final Exam

The chapters you are responsible for are as follows:

When you download the presentations, make sure that you switch the information column on the left from  “Slides” to “Outlines” in order to see additional information related to the slides. [Sunumu açtığınızda, soldaki sütündaki menüde yer alan “Anahatlar” sekmesini tıkladığınızda, slaytlarla ilgili ek bilgiler aşağıdaki kutucukta görünür hale gelir.]


Please study all written definitions in the aforementioned presentations. Here’s a list as they appear in the presentations:

  • Ideology
  • Classicism
  • Neo-Classicism
  • Arabesque
  • Modernism
  • Patron/Client
  • Patronage
  • Function
  • Location
  • Meaning
  • Attribute


Some topics are of special importance. Make sure you learn what they are:

  • The difference between Classic Art (Greek and Roman, 500 BC to 300 AD), Classicist Art (Renaissance, 15th to 16th centuries), and Neo-Classicist Art (Enlightenment; 18th and 19th centuries).
  • The difference between Western, Chinese, and Islamic Art.
  • The basic philosophy behind the Arts and Crafts Movement.
  • The basic philosophy behind Modernism.
  • The difference between “honesty” and “dishonesty” as it relates to discussions in modern art.
  • The importance of the client, user, function and location of a piece of art.
  • The Three Layers of Meaning according to Erwin Panofsky: Pre-İconographic, İconographic, and İconologic.

Also, make sure you have seen the relevant images, and that you can tell them from others when you are asked to compare them.

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