X-Com Revival

X-Com ApocalypseLike for many of the players of my generation, X-Com was a game that shaped my understanding of what a good game is. I was in particular a fan of X-Com Apocalypse and the game remained on my harddisc for years and years. I spent many days and nights battling the aliens, finding myself in tricky situations. It was a game that had simply everything: gameplay, story, strategy, tactics, challenge, fun…

Megaprimus, the futuristic \In 2000 I found a Collectors Edition CD-set with the whole series, and I jumped on it of course. But while moving to Cyprus in 2001, the worst thing happened and I lost no other CD than that with X-Com Apocalypse on it! It really broke my heart. Whenever I looked at the box I remembered that my favorite game was lost. I tried to find the game in Cyprus, but I had no luck with that.

Tactical missionAfter many years without my favorite X-Com game, I finally found it again. I couldn’t wait installation to finish and once the game ran, the rest felt to me like meeting old friends… Within seconds, ‘we’ discovered all the things we used to do. It felt amazing. Megaprimus, The Government, The Cult of Sirius… It was like being back in my old neighborhood, and I was so happy with that, I could have hugged an Andropod!